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  • Atlanta Electronic Commerce Forum: January 10
  • Travelcom April 8-10
  • Web 2.0 Expo April 22-25
  • NBTA: July 27-30
  • 3rd CDHC Summit: October 19-21
  • AHIP Business Forum: Nov. 17-19
  • Consumer Health World: Dec 7-10

Web 2.0

CoreSpeedís CoreInteractive™ Enterprise Web 2.0 Platform facilitates enterprise portal, content management, community, marketing and integration implementations around traditional customer, prospect, employee, supply chain and partner touch-points.

Enterprises utilize CoreInteractive to connect with people, content, and enterprise systems and to improve relationship interactions.

CoreInteractive enhances corporate websites, content management systems, CRM systems, support knowledge bases, intranets, project management tools, and other enterprise systems.

The end result is real business benefits; a cohesive customer relationship, better cross-selling opportunities, improved organizational productivity, and a framework for building a stronger ROI around new and existing enterprise systems.

CoreInteractive's unique, hosted Enterprise Community merges community (social network) with enhanced business functionality such as; marketing automation, location services, behavioral analytics, and systems integration.




The CoreSpeed Incubator (CSI) works with promising early stage companies to improve their odds of success and accelerate their time to capital and markets.

Leveraging CoreSpeedís CoreInteractive™ Platform, its CoreAgility for Projects™, its robust application simulation capabilities, and other resources, the CoreSpeed Incubator helps enterprising entrepreneurs establish solid new business foundations.

CoreInteractive components are frequently used for a first step prototype. This approach creates a tool used to establish initial funding or sales activities for the Incubator supported company.

The prototype is sometimes established in parallel with a rich working Simulation that leverages sample data, actual workflows and business rules to drive effective and validated identification of real requirements.

Rich Simulations can form a foundation for the subsequent phases of a solution roadmap, for focus groups to ensure maximum user adoption and conversion of prospects to customers, and user acceptance testing and training.

They are used as a sales tool for presentations to prospects and to potential investors as well . If needed, CoreSpeed provides other services such as office space and administration, financial, legal, and sales/marketing.

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Expert Hub for Subject Matter Identification
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Team Hub for Complex Project Management
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Community Hub for Associations and Industry
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CoreSpeed provides private-label online interactive, marketing, ecommerce, and social
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